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 Pokemon Battlesz

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PostSubject: Pokemon Battlesz   Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:18 am

I will post matches, You most Decide what they do They all have 100% Hp. Choose they're moves, when they faint, They can be reusable, They're must be Two people to each Battle.
Chimchar Vs Tepig
Chimchars Moves: Flame wheel, Dig, Quick attack, Protect
Tepigs moves: Protect, FlameThrower, Slam, Flash
Oshawott (Female )Vs Squirtle (Male )
Oshawotts Moves: Shell Bash (Whatever you call it i don't care.) Water gun, Quick attack, Protect
Squirtle's moves: Hydro cannon,Skull Bash, Protect, Rapid Spin
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Pokemon Battlesz
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