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 Official Pokemon Region store

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PostSubject: Official Pokemon Region store   Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:42 pm

Welcome to the Pokemon Region store. Here you may spend your forums points you earn throughout the site. The store offers various items from pokemo, to in-game items, to things for the forums. If you have any ideas for the store please contact me, or another admin. Enjoy ^^

- You you get 3 forum points for creating a topic
- you get 1 topic for repling to a topic

You can create any pokemon you want starting at just 30 forum points! and we will trade it right to you! Only ask for legit pokemon please! we will not give you unlegit. it starts out as 30 forum points and goes up five forum points for additional features. Gender and name does not matter.

OT: Pokemon R
ID: 53400
Your pokemon starts out as 30 forum points reguardless!

Shiny: 5+ points
Nature and EVs: 5+ points
Custom Moveset: 5+ points
Level: 5+

- Shiny ticket *. For 500 cash, you can purchase a shiny ticket. Which wil give you acess to a shiny adoptable.

More to be added soon
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Official Pokemon Region store
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