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 Pokemon Region - Pokemon Online Server

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PostSubject: Pokemon Region - Pokemon Online Server   Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:35 pm

Pokémon Online is the most up to date pokémon battle simulator around the block. Experience competitive battles in real time with trainers from all over the globe. For now, Pokemon Online is equipped with 3rd Generation (RSE), 4th Generation (DPPt) and the latest, 5th Generation (B&W).

Server Info:
Name: Pokemon Region
Owners: NeonNick, Blaze
Advance connection:
Days open: Monday - Friday

NOTICE: If you are a admin/mod/megauser you need to register in order to keep you title. If not you will be a regular member until you do so.

How to download Pokemon Online
Download Pokemon Online here depending on your operating system Here
Find the file, then drag it to desktop, then install, then run
Create a team by clicking "Open team builder" Be sure to save your team with the extension .tp
Save the team, close out of team builder then open up pokemon online again and click go online
Go to the Server name "Pokemon Region"

Pokemon Online is currently on version 1.0.00

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Pokemon Region - Pokemon Online Server
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