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 Nintendo DSi XL Review

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PostSubject: Nintendo DSi XL Review   Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:31 pm

I know im a tad bit late on this review but some people ask me about wether to buy an XL or what so here is my thought on the system. You may not agree and thats okay : ) Just let me know what you think of the DSi XL and or what you thought of it when it was first announced.

The system came out last March and I went up to gamestop around nine AM to get mine.
I traded in my old DSi and got the bigger version. Before I can begin my review theres some stuff you should know about the sysem.
- The sysem has longer battery life
- Bigger screens
- Better processor
- More memory
- Glossy at the top
- New gaming experience
The bigger screens are better for racing games, and stuff like flip note that requires you to draw. Pokemon also looks REALLY good on the new screens. The longer battery life is a good upgrade because I can play longer, the system can last about a day on the lowest brightness setting.
When you first take the system out of the box...it looks insnaly LARGE, like..really big, but you actually get used to it. I have and I'm very happy with the system. and I love the glossyness they gave the top of the system, is like the DS lite was. The bottom of the system has a matte finish.
it comes with two sylist, a big one and a small one.


This system was never meant to replace the DSi or be counted as a "New" system. Im sure that raged some people. This was simply released to be an alternative to people who might want a bigger one or something diffrent. Think of it like a new color.

I've had the system for a long time now and have had absolutly no problems with it. The buttons are all fine and well..its all working perfectly.

in conclusion, if you DONT have a DSi, buying the XL is worth it. If you want the 3DS next year then buying a DSi xl may not be worth it unless you want a new gaming experience.
If you already own a nintendo DSi, then i dont reccomend you buy it unless you want it.

I give this system a 9/10. It's really good if you dont alreayd have a DS

I'll have my hands on a 3DS in febuary so ill post a review of that then!

I love it sooooo much ahhhh

PS. maybe im weird, but Ill buy any new DS nintendo comes out with. I like it. Maybe it's stupid but It;s just something I have to have. Kinda like some apple fan boys have to have every new IPOD that hits the shelfs!

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Nintendo DSi XL Review
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