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 Tron Legacy Review

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PostSubject: Tron Legacy Review   Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:21 pm

Random review

First of all I know this has been asked alot. " Do I need to see the original tron before seeing this one?" No, you don't. Tron: Legacy can work as a stand alone story, but it would make alot more since if you saw the first one to. Luckily for you guys that havent seen the originals the movie comes with a recap at the beginning as well as some flash backs throughout the film.

Another is " What is Tron?" Tron is a computer program as well as one of the main heroes of the original. I'm not going to spoil anything but Tron is in this movie as well.

Now that we've got that out of the way on to the review.

When sam was seven years old, his father Kevin ( The owner of a company called encome) dissapered under mysterious circumstances. Sam begins looking for his father after Alan ( kevins old friend) recieves a page that came from kevin's office. but it has been disconcted for twenty years. While searching, Sam finds his father's office hidden beneath the arcade. While attempting to find information within his father's computer, he activates the laser which transports him to the Grid, a world existing inside the computer.

Sam discover's one of his fathers programs, "Clu" has turned against him and taken control. Now Sam must find his father and flee the computer world.

I liked this movie alot. But it was kind of weak in alot of places. One of the first things I noticed about this film is how random everything is. It's hard to explain but its just really random in alot of places. Like for example a character named Quorra, randomly comes out of nowhere and saves sam twice!
The music did a good job at portraying this computer world and If you're a pervert this is your kind of movie! All the women wear slim outfits. The effects are really cool and the fight scenes are neat. Theres a cool light bike scenes as well as air fighting in light jets its diffinatly not boring but it's not the best movie ever ether. I still appreciate the movie alot, im really glad it came out but it could have been better. The movie does have some twist.

: )I enjoyed it over all though. The 3D is really strong is some places and really dull in others.

I give this movie a 8/10! Critics have given it a lower grade, but they tend to do that with everything. But that's their job!

Is it worth seeing? I think so! would I see it again? Maybe if I could get it really cheap, its not a movie id pay twenty dollars for to buy new when it comes out on DVD. I saw it with three of my other friends and they enjoyed the movie having seen the original as well. I some how got addicted to popcorn and kept eating the whole time and when we ran out it was such a pain for me to get up and get more. >3

I actually saw this a week aog..such a good night....anyway discuss!
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Tron Legacy Review
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