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 New Pokemon Black and White info!

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PostSubject: New Pokemon Black and White info!   Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:19 am

More info has been leaked from the B/W Demo!

-Demo takes place around Sekka City
-When you start the demo you get one of the starters, Shikijika and Zoroa
-The starter you get and the season you play in are random
-Mijumaru has high attack stat
-Shell Blade: Physical/ Power: 75/ Acuuracy: 95 / Slight chance to lower defense
-Pokabu has high attack and HP but low defense
-Nitro Charge: Physical/ Power: 50/ Accuracy: 100/ Chance to raise your speed
-Grass Mixer: Special/ Power: 65/ Accuracy: 90/ Chance to lower opponent’s accuracy
-Shikijika knows Leech Seed, Take Down, Scary Face and Double Kick
-Zoroa's ability, Illusion, is confirmed to only affect appearance
-Zoroa's knows Fury Swipe and Faint attack
-Darumakka is confirmed as being in the demo and is the pre-evo of Hihidaruma
-Basurao has a rectangular jaw with the top half of its body being green and the bottom half being grey.

Credits to:Pokejungle.net
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New Pokemon Black and White info!
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